Think of Jazz. Structure, vocabulary, and rhythm that together form a framework within which improvisation, surprise and flights of fancy will occur. I think of my sculpture similarly, where the resultant is musical and intuitive and encourages a dialogue with the viewer. The warmth and organic nature of wood adds a life force to each piece that is hard to find in more inert materials.

Some of the work is meticulously planned and modeled before laminating and carving, while later work enjoys the spontaneity of direct carving from single blocks or logs. Some pieces start as a quick sketch, but many are improvisational. Even the sketched pieces give no more than an opening idea. I enjoy working out how the interlocking forms and rhythms get carried through all surfaces and interior space, finally merging with the original theme and bringing the piece to life.

The drawings from 2016 were in response to a medically enforced hiatus from sculpture. They developed as more expansive imagining of form and space, a way of letting my imagination create whole worlds or landscapes using the same vocabulary found in my sculpture.